As a national distributor of Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, Disability, and Annuity products, Triton Brokerage Group, Inc. brings to the financial professional an unparalleled combination of products, sales solutions, underwriting expertise, tools, and resources.    We also specialize in point-of-sale services for our clients regardless of the experience level of the advisor.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance marketspace, our unique value is bringing insight and efficiency together for your success and your client’s best interests.

The insurance industry is changing rapidly, and the “old way” of doing things doesn’t meet the demands and expectations of today’s informed client.  Everything from prospecting to planning to implementation has become highly commoditized in an industry built on relationships and the changing needs and goals of the clients we all serve.  Additionally, the continually increasing governmental oversight and regulatory requirements have created a necessity to have an industry partner that is dedicated to providing solutions that put the best interest of your client first and foremost.

The staff at Triton is ardently committed to help bridge the gap between expectation and implementation.  Opening doors to new revenue sources, providing expertise in complex planning scenarios, and industry leading underwriting knowledge make up the foundation of what and who we are.  Product insight, effective client presentations, ongoing education on planning strategies, and point of sale support give you the additional resources to take your practice to any level you can envision.

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