Triton Brokerage Group provides tools and resources to help develop strategies and implement solutions.  Our expertise can also be leveraged on your behalf for consumer friendly concept presentations (subject to Broker Dealer approval where applicable).  Below is an outline of various topics.  Please check back often as more topics and additional material will be added.

Comprehensive Life Insurance Policy Audit

Multiple years of depressed interest rates and added regulations have had a major impact on the performance of most in-force life insurance policies.  The Comprehensive Life Policy Audit (CLPA) analyzes the performance of the current policy using current, midpoint, and guaranteed assumptions, and compares the results to what is available in the marketplace today.  This objective analysis helps determine the best course of action in advising to stay the course, make changes in the current contract, or exchange to a new policy.

The IRA Rescue                

For those clients that may not need their IRA assets for income, and would like to eventually pass those assets on to children or grandchildren after death, taxes attributable to Income in Respect to the Decedent as well as Estate and other transfer taxes could reduce what is passed on by up to 75%. The IRA Rescue strategy shows how re-positioning assets can effectively “dis-inherit” the IRS and pass on the peak amount of the qualified plan to the next generations.  The analysis also includes how the strategy would compare to other options to insure Best Interest recommendations.

Non-Traditional Long-Term Care Planning Options

The new generation of Life Insurance products now have the ability to use the Death Benefit while living for Chronic Illness and/or Long-Term Care costs.  These CI/LTC Riders and Endorsements have truly been a “game changer” in planning as they can provide benefit and premium guarantees, the ability to use benefit dollars at the client’s discretion, plus pay for care without the burden of providing receipts for reimbursement.  The products can be built and funded in a number of ways, and they are not all built the same, so having the expertise to fit the right product solution for the individual or couple is paramount.

Estate Planning with the Spousal Lifetime Access Trust

The Spousal Lifetime Access Trust can shield assets from estate tax exposure while also providing income to the spouse.  This strategy is especially effective for those clients that are close to having an estate tax exposure though may not at that point today.  The SLAT can also be used in conjunction with the new generation of Life Insurance policies that also provide LTC or Chronic Illness benefits.

Charitable Planning Strategies and Donor Advised Funds

Charitable Remainder Trusts are as important today as they ever have been in being able to accommodate charitable giving, personal income needs, and wealth transfer/estate planning in one strategy.  Triton Brokerage has partnered with a nationally renowned charitable Third Party Administrator to help build out and administer CRT’s and other charitable plans, to include Donor Advised Funds.

The Donor Advised Fund is a charitable planning tool that provides the flexibility and control that is similar to a private charitable foundation, but with the deductibility of a public charity contribution.  When Life Insurance is owned within the DAF, the client can provide a charitable legacy for many years after they have passed.  The DAF is also an excellent solution for clients giving to multiple charities as they can write a single check and advise how the dollars are to be distributed instead of dealing with the accounting and filing issues.

Non-Qualified Benefit Solutions

Many business owners would like to implement an effective non-qualified bonus or benefit plan for themselves and/or their best employees.  Split Dollar Loans, Deferred Compensation (Sec. 457), and Executive Bonus Plans (Sec. 162) are but a few of the available options, but most business owners have limited knowledge of how they work or which ones may fit their wants and needs the best.  We have a special program that helps identify those wants and needs, how the business is structured, and then presents the most beneficial options based on that information.

Premium Financing Options for High Net Worth Clients

Many high net worth clients may have a need for large life insurance policies, but paying the premium may be difficult due to the need to potentially liquidate assets to do so.  They could also be realizing high returns on current assets that would make it difficult to re-position in order to pay premium dollars.  Third-Party Premium Financing (TPPF) gives the client the ability to borrow the premium dollars at very competitive interest rates which can provide the needed coverage with limited initial outlay.

For those clients that may not want need to utilize a third party for financing, but are faced with having already maximized their annual or lifetime giving, Private Financing (PF) can be an effective strategy.  PF involves loaning premium to a trust versus gifting, which in turn alleviates any additional gift tax exposure.  This strategy is especially effective today as Applicable Federal Rates are extremely low.  Triton Brokerage Group specializes in Third-Party and Private Financing planning.

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